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Kids for Peace

 Why Choose MKC for MEE?

A business built to give parents peace of mind knowing their children are safe and having a great time.

The owner and visionary of MKC for MEE, Elana Martins, is an enthusiastic, talented single mother of a now 9-year-old.  She is versatile and has been blessed with the gift to reach people personally, especially children, and instill a love for learning in a fun, creative way. Her professionalism, love for child(ren), community, and overall growth of people will help guide the success of MKC for MEE.  With her guidance, MKC for MEE will ensure that we recruit only the best hands to help us achieve the business's goals.  She started the business because of what she could not find while seeking as needed drop-in and or late hour care for her child. To ensure parents like herself the peace of mind and convenience of a safe, fun, creative, and inviting space for their child(ren) while taking care of business and themselves. One of Elana's most significant encounters as a parent was finding a trustworthy, reliable place that was open late and used immediately. It is not always easy to leave your child(ren) in the care of other people, however far too often, parents find themselves in situations where they cannot bring their child(ren).  Forcing them to make hard and sometimes life-changing decisions.  Her simple idea of providing the needed service of late hour drop-in care evolved into MKC for MEE. A nontraditional as needed drop-in childcare bus, filling a need that sizeable traditional childcare facilities fail to address.

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